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Database Conversion



Getting most data into Maximizer is easy, but the quality of what is imported may often leave many hours of database cleaning and tidying.

Using our unique library of 'expert' conversion software,  we can convert and tidy data from a wide variety of sources including purchased lists, competitive systems, proprietary databases and even WP files.

The better the quality of the data in a database the more valuable it is in use.   Its easy to import data to Maximizer from many sources.  However, the quality and format of the data imported is often poor. To overcome these difficulties and help Maximizer users get the most from old databases and bought-in lists, CABC has developed an expertise in database conversion.

The CABC database conversion service is a simple way to get off to a clean start with a new Maximizer database, saving you time and hassle.

The service is ideal for the conversion of mailing lists bought in from list brokers, as these are often supplied in a very rudimentary format.

Our extensive library of intelligent software routines enables CABC to enhance a client's data before importing it into Maximizer.  Improvements include everything from generating salutations and titles (Mr/Ms) to sorting out city fields in addresses and complex conversions of old database fields into new Maximizer categories.  We can even transfer multiple contact notes and hotlist tasks!    If your old address format just had a number of non-specific fields for address lines, don't worry; we'll see to it that things end up where you want them, with the city in the City field, etc.  

When to consider using our Service

CABC database conversion services are usually appropriate when the number of records to be converted exceeds two or three hundred.   Below this, you may find it more cost-effective either to re-key the data or to amend the records by hand.  We can extract data from a wide range of sources, and we may be able to help even if your data is in a form from which you think extracting information may not be possible.   Data can be converted from many formats, including the following popular databases: ACT, PARADOX, BTRIEVE, dBase, ORACLE, SYBASE, MS Access, FoxPro, etc.

For more information on how CABC's database conversion service can help you, please complete our Service Enquiry form.

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