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Maximizer Customisation Service



(Or, how we can enable Maximizer to do the thing you always wanted it to!)

Maximizer is very easy to configure so as to meet most common business requirements, but sometimes something extra is needed to match a business need exactly. Maximizer Enterprise is capable of meeting such demands through the extensive facilities of the Integrator’s Toolkit, but considerable technical knowledge and software development expertise are required to make the most of this capability.

CABC has over 15 man years’ experience of integrating applications with Maximizer, and we have used just about every command in the Toolkit. If none of our off-the-shelf add-in products fit your bill, we can use this expertise to build a special add-in to extend the value you get from your Maximizer installation.

We are able to quickly assess requests for enhanced functionality for Maximizer, and provide fixed-price quotations for implementation.

Examples of Integration we have provided for Clients...

So, if you have a need which is not entirely fulfilled by Maximizer, ask us, and we may be able to help fill the gap.

How Projects Operate

  • First we will agree a specification with you, which may be as simple as a sketched screen layout, or as extensive as a detailed functional specification document, as is appropriate to your project.
  • We will give you a fixed price for implementing this specification.
  • If you decide to go ahead, we will deliver the application prepared as a full installation kit, so that when you install the extension, in many cases this will simply involve running Setup.exe.

Our Reputation

At the first Maximizer Business Partners’ conference, held in Vancouver in October 1998, CABC received an award for our Maximizer integration work. Many Maximizer Business Partners, as well as our customers, have already felt confident in using the development service offered by CABC.

For more information on how CABC's Customisation Service can help you and your team to get more from your Maximizer, please complete our Service Enquiry form.

CABC standard development terms and conditions apply to all development projects.Products are based on CABC's MXT™ software for the integration of applications with Maximizer. Maximizer and MaxExchange are trademarks of Maximizer Software Inc. 

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